2 Things to do Tomorrow
Thursday, March 13, 2008 // 0 replies
1:53 AM
Short post for today, since the one two days ago was terribly lengthy.

Going to eat Sakae buffet tomorrow, at the Simei branch since there's no cameras there. Oh, I was playing Mahjong again. Today was super dulan, I had this pwnage hand but couldn't get the tiles I need. Nabei la. I had like a 5 sou ponned at one side, and in my hand were a pon of zhong of which I was waiting to kang, and pairs of dong, nan and xi accompanied by a solitary facai. The plan was to wait for an opportunity to pon the pairs, and if it had gone successfully I'd have..

1 tai from the zhongs
6 tai from the potential Xiao Si Xi hand
2 tai from the dora dora tiles, which are actually known as hu hua but I prefer to name them dora dora tiles due to influence from Akagi

For a total of 9 tai. If I had tsumoed, it'd be 10 tai. Rather like the missed Daisengan the other day.


The second thing is to go watch Sky of Love. This has been long overdue, and I have to watch it by tomorrow or I'll never win at Mahjong again. Most of the reviews noted that weeping couples and flocks of females were seen crying after the said show. It'll probably be a full house, so there'll be ahem here and there. I should bring a camera with uber night mode there to take shots of hanky panky going on, and print them out for archiving in the sacred library of decent acts, since a couple was rumoured to have been ahheming in a cinema. This is one instance where you should not request for a corner seat, since you can't get a good view of anything from a corner seat.

Speaking of emo, I have been emo. The reason....

Rumbling Hearts PC.rar 10.3% Need more sources


There's another reason.....

I'm stuck playing Apollo Justice and NBA Live'08 for the DS and PSP respectively. Justice is good, but Phoenix was way better; they should reinstate him as the protagonist. NBA is.. just plain honggan. It's hard to shoot, and the AI is rigged, since all their shots land. Damn.


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