Happy CNY
Thursday, February 7, 2008 // 0 replies
1:38 AM
Happy Chinese New Year all, and you can have this to be your first red packet of the year.

I have a penchant for manga that has more ecchi than plot, and Sekirei is one of the many available on OneManga. What happens when people who are in full-cosplay mode fight? Their clothes get torn off of course:)

There are more suggestive themes in the manga itself, such a leaving a mark on a Sekirei and bonding it to the Ashikabi(the Sekirei's owner) through a process known as winging. A Sekirei may only be winged once. However, you may wing as many Sekireis as you like. Oh my, sounds like some naughty human urges~ The only difference is that the Ashikabis will never get AIDS or genital herpes. Typical of a manga:(

Reading is good! Especially reading manga!


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