Review - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Monday, December 24, 2007 // 0 replies
9:58 PM
I have been playing some Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on the DS lately. I just finished Trials and Tribulations today, and am on the last case of Justice for All, which I hope to be able to complete by tonight, accompanied with some cluck cluck turkey ftw.

"Hold it! I gonna zap you with some Finger of Death/Dagon!!!"

Box art for Justice for All.

The Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series is IMO the best role-play/adventure/storyline game for the DS right now. The plot is solid, though you can spot some spelling and grammar mistakes due to poor Japanese-to-English translation which might be disconcerting to some. Graphics are sub-par, which is expected from a DS game. The soundtrack in MIDI format is surprisingly good, but the voice acting could be improved on, since the only things you're going to hear are "Hold it", "Objection" and "Take that". The main thing about this game is that you'll need a certain degree of patience to last through the long conversations. Don't worry about the cases, they're easy if you've been following the story attentively. Download the three games in the series from nds-roms if you haven't already. For those who don't have a DS, you can try playing on the computer with a DS emulator, though you won't get the same element of fun from juking it out on a portable handheld.

On a sidenote, Santatechies is a good IGN, if you ever need one.


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