Tuesday, October 2, 2007 // 0 replies
5:47 PM
Yeah that's what I'm feeling now.


Like some owning Burnout car.

Today's A-Math paper was hard. I don't think I will be using it anyway so let's throw it in the bin!

SS paper was no kick. Finished the thing 10 minutes before the exam ended oh my! Wankie had not done a part of the SEQ so GeeGee to him.

Heng I studied Chapter 4 and 6 yesterday, or not GeeGee to me also, since Chapter 2 and 3 were completely missing from the paper.

Damned scams.

This proves that you must cross-refer among sources! So I consulted a few sources yesterday night.

Haha. Anyway SS was about babies.

I was tempted to write something like this.

"There is a lack of babies because there is a lack in the egg production rate."

But the source immediately differed from my answer and I was forced to change it to,
"There are fewer babies because nowadays people are like Kelvin and love money."

Wrote till my hand ached for SEQ. Ouch it'll be worse tomorrow I think. GEOG AND HISTORY LEH OMG!

What I'm studying now
History: Chap 2.1, 3.2
Geography: Chap 2,5,6. Plus notes.

I envy those in Lit. Maybe I should have gone there too. It beats reading about Hitler vs General Yamashita. Mierda!


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