Saturday, October 6, 2007 // 0 replies
10:21 PM
Recently, some appalling news have reached my ears.

Some people think that the emails mangekyo_muacks@hotmail.com, and shangbo_loves_you@hotmail.com are actually me..

Also known as "Shang Ko".

I would like to state my utter distaste for "Shangs" of any sort.

Therefore I would like to clear my name, as anything related to Shang is corrupted and fiendish.

A video, if you will, of my desktop at the time when both of these idiots as well as yours truly were online. How is it possible to have 3 instant messengers on at the same time? The video also clearly depicts me having windows live on at that time, yet there are 2 Shang Kos online? Try to explain this,if you will. Don't wrongly accuse people if you can't. I admit, I might be a little immature at times, but this is way off-limits. Don't just pin the onus on any random target just because you don't know the identity of the real masquerader.

A picture too should justify this.

Will this suffice?

Seriously this has to stop.


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