Fixing Things
Monday, October 22, 2007 // 0 replies
10:37 PM
Ignore the post below, this shall be the main post for today.

I was browsing through my phone's gallery when I found a picture that I had taken today at the AIDS booth.

AIDS is what you inherit when the Aides mosquito bites you, that's why its called AIDS I guess.

Anyway, I snapped one of the cardboard cut-outs.

Apparently, some girl named Lina has HIV. However, you won't contract HIV by running with her.

But...will you contract HIV by Dotaing with her?!

Gasp. I just used Lina today. Basher Lina lol. GGfied.

Oh. I recalled something. CZH called up my parents because I didn't go for the chinese remedial thing, that conniving swine. He sent some message like, "Guo Wei jin tian mei shang wo de pu xi ke. Xia ci hui ji ming de. Qing ni jiao ta ming tian lai."
Zz another backdoorer. This'll be tricky, it will. Going for the remedial tomorrow I mean. How do you be in two places at once?


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