Hunger Strikes! Dota Strikes! Boredom Strikes!
Thursday, September 6, 2007 // 0 replies
6:19 PM
I was too lazy, and maybe a little tired, to finish yesterday's post. So, continuing on from the Banditto..

Tear open from the middle, and pull the top off?

And I saw a prata in the pack. Upon closer examination, I found out that it was in fact a thin piece of crepe, not a prata at all. I poked a fork into the chicken and ate it first, then I realised that the crepe was still present. Oh no! Thus begins 30 seconds of eating plain flour.

Some Dota was in order after the refreshing meal. Loo's tuition mates requested for a 2v2, in which Looly was supposed to play in. If I'm not wrong, one of them was called Yi Kun. Yi Kun and Kun Lin, oh my. Anyway, Looly the sneaky traffic light escaped to the spectators, and then somebody pressed the "Start Game".
Turns out that Looly's tuition mates were no big deal at all. We both got rapiers and
they went "WTF!QOP GOT RAPIER!". Damn it look at the time, a rapier by now is no big deal at all since the lane was empty for sixty percent of the time. This was a situation in which the phrase "Mada Mada Dane" would be very much appropriate for. The duo of jokers lost, but I wasn't able to get the screenshot of the tree exploding. Damn. Went to after that.

The Third Day

Lost this, and another loss after that was demoralising enough to coerce me into hitting the "quit" button.

In my hours of boredom, I realised that there was not a PSP in the colour of red. Coincidentally, red is Matty's colour of choice. Thus, how could there not be a PSP to suit Matty's preference! Booted up the Adobe Photoshop CS, which I'm rather noob at since the only tool I can use is the brush, and started drawing over the black with a red brush. Owning, maybe Sony should adopt this theme and release it in a "PSP Slim Fatty Matty Limited Edition"?

Dinner-time is fast approaching, oh no!


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