Correction Tape Misadventures
Monday, January 7, 2008 // 0 replies
9:29 PM

Some songs never get old, just like this here.
My name is W****r I can be your friend~

Heard it on 987fm last week, downloaded it and here it is. A truly underrated artiste who only enjoyed mediocre success in the music industry, wonder where she's gone now.

A song from Fish Leong's recent album. They changed the cover design from the glaringly unacceptable depiction of her in a red dress with endless layers to a much simpler and cleaner white theme. For some reason, the price went up 3 bucks. That's the price you get for an aesthetically pleasing goods. Her voice is one of the best in the industry though; she'd trash saccharine fakes like Yang Chen Lin any old day.


A true work of art.

Squares, circles but never a triangle, watz up with shapez?

The musings of less sentient beings are always tricky to decipher, blame it on Matty.

Anyway, the prices of food sold in the canteen are up due to inflation. The mixed rice which used to cost $1.50 now retails at $2. Chicken rice is up 20 cents while the substandard western stall's prices skyrocketed. Rice with pork floss and a fried egg for $2. Now that's value, if the 85 Market didn't already sell $1.80 Nasi Lemak with a choice of three dishes to compliment your coconut rice.

Nds-roms is currently still down, and it's time to cry. You can use torrents to download your games if you aren't afraid of being nabbed by the boys in blue, though.
You will receive a warning letter the first time, and they have the right to take legal action against you from the second time onwards, like in the case of Odex. Actually, Odex already fines people for the first instance. With inflation and all affairs pertaining to that, you can expect this fine to be raised even more.

Inflation is a pain. A taxi ride from Tanah Merah MRT station to my house used to cost only about $7 tops. Now, the meter can come up to $10 easily. This is sheer extortion, this is. I saw a receipt that my dad got from taking a cab from his office to Shenton Way, and found out that is costs about $10 per 10km. At least it's sponsored by the company. He took a taxi to and fro, and the total bill would have only come up to $20 if not for the peak hour surcharge and the extra fee incurred from hailing a cab in the business district. The additional charges came up to somewhere around $9. That's $19 for a return trip, and I'd much rather spend it at some jolly Pizza Hut outlet rather then it going into some uncle's wallet. I've got nothing against taxi drivers, it's just that some keep talking even when the passenger has headphones plugged in. Take a look in the rear-view mirror please.

Oh I just got raided, time to go.


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