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Saturday, December 1, 2007 // 0 replies
10:13 PM
I wanted to try this for a very long time, but didn't have the sufficient, shall I say, skills to do it. Well, I'm bored and unoccupied now so I'm going to try it out for once.

few months ago..
i spill milo on my keyboard...
my keyboard is not the spill resistant one..
so i cry and cry and cry cos my comp spoil..
haiz so sad...

i like walking in the rain..
cos nobody can see my tears..
my wallet pokai liao how sad..

i cant let go of you..
i think of you everyday..
but what have you done..
now i wasted all my thoughts for nothing...
sobs..why macdonald no sell shaker fries liao???

i suck..
i can't do anything right..
i did the wrong stuff and now i lost you..
i shouldn't have left you my cute pikachu stuff toy out in the rain..

when i walked past you...
you said i love you..
haha so cute..
the stuff toy from minitoons that one you press it will make noise..

what have i done wrong..
did i not give you enough..
i feel so sad now..
my milo never put enough powder taste very dilute..

i every night also sleep in the dark..
i try to sleep but i can't..
my mind is occupied by thoughts of you..
ahh my wonderful ds lite...


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