Monday, October 22, 2007 // 0 replies
6:59 PM
The most comical thing happened in the chapel today.

I was playing Winning Eleven 10 on the PSP, when the church helper backdoored me and mumbled something out.

She has this short tongue condition so her speech was rather incomprehensible.

I assumed she was asking me not to play so I stowed it away for later use.

Then, she spoke again in a slower tone.

"I'm not asking you not to play, just don't put your feet on the kneeling pad."


Today was kind of pointless though.

There was a talk at the tower hall, ostensibly to convince students to visit Mount Kinabalu. Fat chance anybody with height anxieties will go though, and that includes the person who's typing this little nugget out for your viewing pleasure.

Went down for recess, and I was bestowed with yet another lesson in life. When buying from the Chinese Kitchen stall, always ask for extra rice or you'll be scammed badly. It'll leave your pockets bleeding, trust me.

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