Happy Times
Sunday, October 14, 2007 // 0 replies
8:23 PM
I have been rumbling over the past few days, and have realised something. Rumbling cures most ailments, whether physical, mental or emotional. Maybe F=MA(Matty&Abby) should try some rumbling sometime.

Anyway, I was dragged out by parents today to Orchard, so there was no rumbling for the most part. I saw interesting stuff there though. Like this:

Wow, that's fierce.

Another issue I've been facing lately is Initial D Street Stage. The opponents are too hard liao! Try dunno how many times and still cannot win. Aiyo.. nvm play some more haha.

Nothing else's really been happening. I'm quite pleased with my results actually, and my Chem and Physics will most probably own so I don't have to drop to combined science. I really hope some people drop though, and on top of the hit list is Buttie. That GLKP guy has got to go.

Otherwise, it has been happy times. So for now, Vroom!

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