Oh my, Something Imba here
Sunday, September 23, 2007 // 0 replies
11:47 AM
Yesterday night, Jinghan showed me a blog post about a certain Photonick.

I eventually found my way to his Friendster.

Where I added him, and waited for the fun to begin.

Below is the message in its unabridged form,

Hi Photonick! I heard about you from my friend! Your photo taking skills very pro one right! Hahah then I would like you to take my photos too leh:):):):):) I using my bros acc cos i lost the password to mine ahhh sianzz haha hmmhmm! I'm very hot one you know, i have a horuglass figure and my eyes are like big and round! I think i am more chio then the girls you have taken so far can! hahaz im so hot my frens call me sexy krystal. My names krystal btw! I saw ur photo, you look so charming and ultra shuai! haha maybe we can go out together neh muackz:):):):) i never had my photo taken my a pro photographer before! i wanna show my frens so they'll be like so jealous hehe. Im so00 bad right! HAHA! Add me!! Love you! I want PHOTOS WHEE!!!

If this works, I'm a genius I tell ya.


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