Love At First Sight
Saturday, August 25, 2007 // 0 replies
4:17 PM
This is a composition written by yours truly on some moley issues. To preserve the excitement, a couple of short snippets have been leaked for your viewing pleasure. So without further ado, please sit back and press your mole.

Sneak Preview 1
A tinge of crimson swept across Leonard's pimple-infested face. Absent-mindedly, he raised a hairy finger to scratch the mole located at the exact midpoint of his forehead, which gave anybody who looked at him the impression that somebody was about to snipe him from afar. This mole carried immense emotional value for Pang Ngee, and any physical or verbal assault against it would evoke Pang Ngee's considerable fury. Therefore, even his peers were extremely prudent not to make any digs at the black speck which he so treasured, for fear of their own safety.

Sneak Preview 2
Two weeks ago...
"Eh Loo ah, did you see the girl in the classroom?" Hock started. The person in question, Loo, replied, "Classroom? Oh! The 3* classroom ah? That's C***** la, my CCA
mate, hot like my red tomato face leh!" Loo replied. At this instance, fate intervened in the visage of Pang Ngee. "Girl? Hot? Who?" Pang Ngee demanded in embarrassing broken English. Loo and Hock exchanged looks of sheer horror. Pang Ngee had a reputation for being a hardcore closet pervert, and they were reluctant to divulge C*****'s identity to such a lecherous character. After all, Pang Ngee's mole was rumoured to possess the ability to see through material objects....

To be continued, if Pang Ngee doesn't kill me first.

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