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Wednesday, August 22, 2007 // 0 replies
9:01 PM
I hope you've been noticing the signs that have been put up on the fifth floor's walkway, they probably indicate that something big is about to unfold, and with 2 or 3 more cardboard signs left, the field of imagination knows no boundaries.

Moving on to more hearty issues, we have a picture of Mervin Lee for your general viewing pleasure.

Captured, edited and taken from Wymer, this picture accurately portrays the retard in action. Spraying water at his general foes is only one of his oddities, be warned.

And I've decided to stop slacking and start practicing for the band thing. This is Thanks For The Memories, or it would have been, had it not been so pathetic. A few months more of practice ought to improve this.

School was disappointing. First one was A-Math, where we did not get our papers back
Test Kills:0 Test Denies:1
History was next, and while we expected the homework for test paper policy, this time there was no test paper to speak off at all. Thus, no paper!
Test Kills:0 Test Denies:2
E-Math was last, and Mr Selamat kindly did nothing to improve the situation at hand.
Test Kills:0 Test Denies:3

Oh no it's 3 denies!

And there is a Geography test tomorrow in case you didn't know, go study gogo!


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