Maple Sorrows
Wednesday, July 11, 2007 // 0 replies
7:35 PM
Damn. It's hard to level in Maple Story you know. What's more my bowman, a one-year old ShadowMilo is only at Level 18. Imagine later the training will be 100% Gee Gee. Thus, some new haxs, or training aids should be implemented; such as:

1)KS and heal
Players who KS a monster successfully will be able to fully restore all of their HP and MP. This is good if you have no money to buy potties.

2)Protection for the retards
Players who manage to press the F2 happy face ^_^ 1000 times will receive invulnerability for 1 day cause matties should not be bullied.

3)Something for the beginners
Since beginners are weak, it is time something is done to make them more usable. A new Ultra Beginner job should be introduced, with some special skills such as being able to steal mesos by pressing C near zfallensinz.

4)Da Lewt Hax
If all else fails, players in deep shit such as being trapped in a circle of banglabens can type /run_ownallhax to KO all monsters on screen. Oh my what fatty matty fun.


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