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Doomsday on 2AP(After Paris)

Oh my, wouldn't it amazing if these cheap girls inherited a hotel and got rich, selling perfumes, clothes, and tiny doggie chihuahuas that Japanese love, then go to jail for drink-driving? Yes, you can just figure out how they could be one day walking along Geylang Road as you satisfy your durian cravings, decked in nothing but the latest fashion from Blush. Yes Blush, thats when your face turns red like a firetruck aka Looly. Of course not, that's the lingerie shop you can find on the second floor of Tampines Mall. And why is it called Blush? Cause when you walk near the shop, you blush. Wow how amazing, it's like free facial powder.

Now, back to the two girls. Isn't it wonderful to have so many friends? Man, if they wanted to buy a car, they just need 3 dollars from each friend, and they could buy a trusty and nuclear-missile-technology Hyundai. Having such a large amount of friends means you can just own Carlsberg's World of Friends any day, or even the Superfriends for that matter. After all, what can a red-undie wearing Superman do against a 16,000 strong army of brainwashed twit-followers?

Now this is the photo of the two master twitties.

Twit 1- Advertises her daily life on a regular basis and spams twit-speak all day long. Beware, prolonged contact with Twit 1 can cause twit fever, a medical condition hazardous to human life.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Celeste Chen. Singaporean Twit. She has a blog. Like us. Except our blog is intelligent, hers is bimbotic and slut-like. And while we find certain sluts, sexy, twit sluts just go in the Keep Off basket.

Think, XiaXue, but sluttier and has less self-respect for body. Yah, that's sorta what you wanna get. I like Xiaxue, she's funny. Of course, she is also like us, uploading videos on YouTube, except our videos are humorous and intelligent. We have a greater than thou complex, eat us.

And this is from a bunch of jokers who hate Celeste Chen too.

The video dedication from Celeste Chen to hey boyfriend. Wonderful ain't it.

Dammit! It's so, so revolting it's bad. It's so bad it makes kiss-evvon look like child's play. It's so bad it makes George Bush look like a saint. It's so bad we're being repetitive. No! Really, it's disgusting, not just the way she oogles obsesively over her man-slave, but if you're gonna dedicate something...


Well, what to do what to do. Some people just think it's okay to sell their bodies
all over the internet and use bad English while they're at it.

All citizens of Singapore are urged to take extra-precautionary measures against these resilient pests.

First, empty all flowerpot bases on alternate days. This will ensure that sperms and eggs from the twitties are not allowed to fuse and breed new twits.

Second, cover all bamboo pole holders when not in use. As twitties have serious cases of bulimia, they are able to squeeze into the tiniest gaps. By closing your bamboo pole holders, they will be stuck in there forever!!

Third, clear all cookies in Temporary Internet Folder once a week, and add Norton Anti-Twit. This will prevent the plague of the twits and twit-speak from infecting our immune system.

Also, all citizens are reminded that fogging will be carried out everyday in Orchard Road and urbans areas such as clubs in order to address the Twit Outbreak. Be assured, the chemicals used in fogging are perfectly harmless to non-twits.

Remember, everybody has a part to play. Be responsible, if they breed, you bleed. Stop twittism today, call 1-800-DIE-TWITS.

I really wonder, how'd they even want to give sub-Crazy Horse entertainment like this? Putting on their clothes that barely cover anything, they should be called transparencies. You know, lets all take our OHP markers and draw on them to humour ourselves. Of course, who's complaining? There's something for everyone, and it can be found in the photoes of the twin twits. You know what I mean, refer to Ann Kok.

But, who would give a damn about the twits when you have media that can provide much more entertainment? Behold, the classic little animations we all love,

Teletubbies, where TV Mobile got their concept from,

Fimbles, and


As the godly Stewie Griffin says, "Victory shall yet be mine!" Bleh anyway, another post completed, making this the 75th post. Thats 25 more to 100, and 925 to 1000. Argh you do the math, meanwhile I'll sleep.

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