Thursday, May 24, 2007 // 0 replies
11:11 PM
Pirates of the PSP

Oh yeaa the big day is coming soon. The day when I can buy my PSP. Made In Japan FTW!
No way I will pay 200 bucks for a MIC product man.

Gonna buy this after the PSP

Dammit, my L1R5 sucks, the CAs pulled down everything and ended up in a pathetic 22, and I have to go for chinese remedial even though babi said I didn't have to. Morale of story: never trust MIC babi, thats why must not trust MIC PSP as well mah. Amath also. Haiz busy holiday this will be. Dammnnn..........

At least my computer's back from the repair shop, now it has a new fan, and an extra 512mb ram. Yea now I wont lag when playing granado espada. Yc still gonna lag though =P

However, it saddens me to see that after this week, all those faces of the impressive Yusof Bin Ishak will be missing from my wallet. Haiz, need more money.

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