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3:29 PM
Adventures in Johor Bahru

Song. Very song. Today is the last day of MYE. Waa finally can throw the textbooks away for a month. Ya, anyway today after the ownage maths paper, we had this briefing. Cos Secondary 3 cohort going to Johor Bahru soon ma. Then there are some things that you can do in Singapore but cannot do there la. Like this ah.

Illegal hor. If you bring things like this into Malaysia, they'll kick your butt so far you can reach outer space liao. Means you cannot bring things like Shang Bo into Johor Bahru to have fun on the education trip, or else tio kick also. Bo bian, Malaysia country must follow Malaysia rules. Hai yo. But this trip cannot go to the Holiday Plaza buy the chewing gum and the pirated 3 for 10 ringgit dvd back. What's more, go Malaysia cannot take the sports car with the cool tinted windows in, or else later tio fine, terok le.

A few things of what not to say while in Malaysia.
Shang Bo
Chen Ze Hou
or any offensive remarks

Watching Spiderman3 later with Feeder Inc and gang. Damn song. SPIDEY FTW!

Have fun with these few days.

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