Saturday, March 10, 2007 // 0 replies
2:06 AM
Dulan, Chao Ji Dulan
I am dulan, with how imported products own us, with how my piece of shit 6280 phone suddenly blacked out, with how a naga siren just shot to an eye of skadi at level 14 and owned us. Yep, I just ended the session with foam, now my eyes hurt, my fingertips feel like ice, my back feels like its breaking. Amazing what 5 hours in front of a LCD screen on a $9.90 Ikea chair can do to you. Ok, so I screwed up the Geography test badly, got a L1R5 of 13/15 and donated $1 to a charitable organisation. Somehow, since I was young, I had never enjoyed donating money to those fat uncles and aunties jingling their brass bells like some santa clauses in front of red kettles labeled salvation army. Who'd guess 10 years later we'd be in the same position minus the bells, and with cleverly designed bags that you can't kop money out of. Plus cute little stickers that you get to stick on people's chests. There was this guy at the Mrt station with a kid, and his bag was as fat as chenzehou's big head, putting our measly little collections next to that was really dulan. Yuck. Okay so the EvoIII-MoMo 2v3 adventure was a success, won both, and bnetted with foam until now. Gonna try this again tomorrow, its fun^^ Gonna need some Nescafe though. Trip to NTUC tomorrow=D
Dulan, dulan, and dulan again for Thursday to Sunday. Screw the camp la. Ok its almost 3 liao, betta go sleep


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