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BB Annual Camp 2007
Yuck, annual camp was bloody long. Back after 4 long days, without any homework done, the teachers are going to poon my ass tomorrow. Anyway, here's what happened through the 4 days.
Day 1: Arrived at AHS with a stuffed 10kg hand-carry bag that was a very bad idea, my arm almost snapped off holding it, containing a BB uniform borrowed from my 13year-old cousin that doesn't fit at all. Falled in with a Blue PT kit and got pumped quite a lot, later they had the theories and we spent the night in the counselling centre, couldn't sleep much though, with the mumblings everywhere. And it was dam nice to lie in an air-con room while the AQ ppl were walking from Woodlands to Ikea. Hehheh.
Day 2: Shift campsite to East Coast, camp there. Rafting was a disaster, its a good thing nobody drowned, almost vomited like Lewis Nam Yi Ann on the first day and apologised to BB14thCoy for eating Twisties during the night. Field cooking stinks. Maggi Mee uncooked is very unrecommended, but sometimes you have no choice=/
Day 3: Slept around the whole morning due to gastric, shift campsite again to some ulu MOE adventure centre. Then they had their rock climbing shit, while i slacked in one corner in my slippers with the other injured people. During the night they had night games, but no one noticed the lance-corporal from ZhuQue snoring away in a tent. Got a damned nice rest, I tell you, a full 7 hours of it. Meanwhile the others were out stealing food.
Day 4: Woke up, ate breakfast of Koko Krunch and took the bus to AHS, goddammit some people's uniforms really stinked like hell. After dismissal we got our valuables back, and a bunch of us went to KFC to eat. Shiok. No mood for Dota though, super bloody tired liao, tomorrow still got school ARGH. The problem is most my my homework is still undone, like the composition from chenzehou. I wonder what he'll do when he sees my ''Sun Wu Kong Lai Dao Le Xin Jia Po'' masterpiece. Prepare to be spammed by overwhelming China accents.

G.G to the holidays.
_|_ to school.
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