Tuesday, February 6, 2007 // 0 replies
6:16 PM
wassup, this show be a quick post cos im gonna hafta study physics soon.
there is no water now, in both the boys and girls toilets. now after you shit, after wiping the mess off with ur hand, u cant wash ur hand anymore=O ahh omfg, whats happening?? the water cooler does no better, filling up a 500ml bottle in longer time than it takes to take a pee in the urinal. ahh what has happened to the water!!
emath had some memorable moments, hamdam selamat saw me throwing chongrui's digimon keychain and made me do some dumb pose at the back of the class. ahh looks like i have become da next bluetooth phenomenon><
and theres this dota thing coming up, interschool. if you join, you can get 1 cca point. woah! and summore if that day got cca, can pon leh.song bo, if win get 4 lcd monitors^^ hehheh muz register with hamdam tmr! yeaa!!! cca points ftw!!

happy studying.

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