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9:57 PM
my day
dunno wad devotion was about, just saw mok sitting there and talking, quite fast end liao la, then got these new teachers coming to teach here. thmm i notice that there are malay, indian and chinese in the new trainees, looks like our school is becoming more multi-racial, soon they might have to stop hanging the pig poster in the hall to be sensitive to malay feelings o.o ok, and there was this indian, his name is guthandra i think, seems like ahs has found its next adrian^^ and chua might be replaced soon, by a younger guy in shorts, time for da war of the pe teachers, but we all know chai will pwn them all by shattering their eardrums. chinese is like boredom writing a biography, it just makes you wanna bang ur head on the wall. next is pe, we learnt the stupid morning exercise. omfg, if somebody films this down, we are screwed. the actions is so goddamn stupid la. soccer a while then got emath and amath in a row, with recess in between.sian la, eng and ss finish up the day. met benjamin and went home with chongrui.
ok so we went home, went to chongrui's house, we got the hongbaos although the midget tried to stop us^^ more money in savings now hehheh. then my mother told me this thing happening in pasir ris, seems like theres this bunch of yalams who beat up people around white sands, so i strongly urge all pasir ris residents to carry tins of bah kwa, nasi babi, char siew pau, minced pork or pork chops around you if u wanna protect urself. dunno wad these dumb yalams are thinking of-.-
they are not the onli dumb ones around.the indians upstairs are still raising the living hell by drilling holes into the wall. ffs its bloody noisy, even linkin park at full blast cant block out the din, hope they will finish their renovations soon=/
gotta go now, cya

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