Wednesday, February 7, 2007 // 0 replies
5:49 PM
haiz, hectic schedules can really screw ur day up, no water to cool yourself down makes it much more worse, another short post today.
the physics test was ok, dun relli need to study much>< bleh wasted my time, missed watching girls bitch against one another on the arena, a debate show on channel 5 cos of that. channel 5 getting some nicer shows now, theres this one called iwhiz, where nerds play against each other to see who da biggest nerd-.- kk so handed up the form to hamdam, hmm so our team is called owningturbans? cool. and mingjun stuck this black shit on his head, haha looks a lot like leonard's big black mole la, then he was like, dun touch me! dam funny hehheh, assembly sucks, the expressions is such a waste of time..skipped tutorial and came home. slept for a while, bloody tired>< bleh going to study now, u better go study too u know.

as quoted from borat, may ur studying be a ''GREAT SUCCESS''

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