Monday, January 29, 2007 // 0 replies
9:35 PM
sup guys, today was really fun wasn't it =D
omfg, the school hang the national flag upside down leh! i wish i got chance to take a picture though, but with all the teacher standing behind, no chance la=(
and some guy has been wasting toilet paper, throwing it into the toilet bowl and on the floor. ehh nice one man, but i can recommend a nicer area to throw at. u know ah, on the ceiling got this guailan round sensor thing? ahh. throw there. throw throw throw. fun leh! can help to waste dr boon electricity also, can also have some entertainment, zhen shi yi ju liang de
started off with chenzehou, boring like sai, gd thing we have group work. dbl period of pe had us throwing javelins. yawn.. maths next, the test was quite ok la..hope can pass=D
save money and ate fanchoy during recess. no choice la, have to save money for the 72 dollar nike bag, which means 10 more days of hunger>< anyone can spare me a meal=O
koped one of pungent's seaweedchicken though, dam nice la=D
dbl amath, poh went thru with us some new chapter.zz and during english i wanted to go toilet, but patwong say, wait for your friend to come back, otherwise i dunno wad u all doing in there-.- haonan take bloody long to finish..
left after comp lab ss session, where the internet was so goddamn slow, fatsodus is getting dangerous, walao he go whack my balls>< oww.. went to cut hair later, cut until quite short aiyo..hope it grow back fast fast^^ and later me and chongrui plant another smoke bomb at captain gan's house. hoho foggy cabin=D

mmm why dun you see this pic before you go,featuring matthew#1 and matthew#2

lol cute eh, been wanting to get this picture for a dam long time ler=D

hmm making another bomb for tomoros events now, gotta run, seeya and gdnite

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