Tuesday, January 16, 2007 // 0 replies
4:39 PM
hmm sup, today sucked BIG TIME, gonan start with clarifying a few matters. 1)All names mentioned in this blog are PURELY fictional. 2)For further queries, go look at the disclaimer. 3)if you do not like fictional characters, please press the red cross on da top rite corner of ur internet window. thank you.
So today was a wanked up kinda day, nth interesting happening at assembly, fhs seems a bit mild now, beware of some notorious scheme coming out soon people. wtf, having chinese as the 1st period can relli wank your day up, chou ze hou made us read da kewen a few times, while he rapped through it in his powerful chinese accent>.< and lata was dbl period of ENGLISH, omfg, so tired dat i slept thru the 1st period, woke up juz nicely for da 2nd, and juz in time too, seems dat yingzhi wanted to take pic of me sleeping-.- wrote some stupid letter,wow onli given 10 mins, and ended up writing like 100 word? dismiss early and chiong down for recess, AHH HEAVEN!!! TODAY IS DA 1ST DAY DAT I GET TO EAT SOMETHING OTHER DEN FANCHOY AND SCAMMING WESTERN FOOD!!! haha yes, got some proper food at last>< bought a roulette-cola sweet and justea, got past the faggy sc again and made it to class^^

and its chem, a dam boring subject, da teacher's sleep-inducing slurs didnt make it any better, bagua boy came back for a 2nd round of math, rather ok, seems dat poh found out abt the whole purple dinosaur thing, so now all references of captain barney will be changed to poh>.<, and he was calling the maths pros like crouching tiger and hidden dragons?LOL. khoo is relli relli enthu man, but shes quite a interesting teacher, probably the onli one dat wont make da class fall asleep-.-
contact time with flowerkoh next, aiya, screw the seat rearrangement la, now it will be harder to sms in class, seems like i will have to find a new method. but nvm, when deres a will, deres a way!!

what happened after school is purely wanked up, shant talk about it, trying to find an alternative solution now...zzzz

and you might wanna take a look at this,

a cute looking black boy, looks normal huh?

after transforming into his true form, zomfg!!

kk have fun doing ur hw, gonna slack off now=D

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