Wednesday, January 31, 2007 // 0 replies
6:54 PM
dont you just hate today?
at assembly chua shared something interesting, it seems that toilet paper supply will be stopped until they find the culprit, the toilet paper monster that has been valiantly buring up boonie's money by wasting toilet paper, throwing at into the toilet bowls. now it seems that if you want to poo, you have to go to the ahs cares office to borrow toilet paper, although i am quite sure they will not give you any. this also means that ah, you can go to the sec1 blog to dabian, and den you can waste about 25mins of class time slacking around. ahs never thinks of loopholes-.- but this is a good idea so i dun wish to flame them anymore^^ thx for not giving us toilet papers! they should really consider changing to school motto to anglican high; where talents crap in their pants-.- boon was also going on about leaving a legacy for our beloved school. looks like this relief teacher wrote the eagles creed, and the sec1s were going like whoo whoo we love you! hmm this has given me another idea. on the last day of life in this school, could leave some legacies behind too^^
so it was geog 1st, simmy din come again, crapp around at the back with the 3f people, and went for the killer dbl chem>< we made this super pungent stinky odour chemical thing. walaneh dam stinky leh, almoz wan to write ''haonan'' for the chemical odour thing. burnt some of the splinters before hafizah caught me, then i burnt the rubber pipe tubing thing at the tap when she wasnt looking. holyshit, the smell was ownage!
dbl eng sucked. trying to kill boredom with snake 3 when patwong caught me. sigh. lost the phone, but got it back later^^
fanchoy as usual, with a touch of apple tea, onli 2.20=D good for ppl on budget!
dbl hcl can kill, especially with chenzehou, he makes chinese seems like hell-.- and he was ranting, ''chao chao chao chao chao chao, wo shuo chao ni ji dei chao!''
physics is bloody funny, if u got ong as ur teacher, he keep telling his macdonald shithole cleaner story, dam funny man, HAHAHAHAHA, bio ppl wont get it though=P
chionged to assembly to catch the onceinalifetime performance of 3A, stomp+drills! cool man, managed to film it without chua looking, starring weijian!

woah, moks marching cool eh? hehheh.. went to 3d to play and slack arnd a while, left later and took 12 home with chongrui, ho and nelson. went to chongrui's house to watch borat, LOL its dam lame, haonans giving the burnt dvd tmr so i can watch it again^^ song!!
lol den i went youtube surfing, and found this crappy rendition of jingwumen

by jeremy chan of project superstar rejectment, omfg after hearing this, i dont think i will ever listen to jingwumen again><

haha have fun, and remember to pause music before viewing the videos, gonna sleep 10 hours now, gdnite=D

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